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Show/Hide room Sink: the little however important WordPress Button you will Have lost

Penulis : Unknown on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 | 7:54 PM

You might solely be mistreatment 0.5 the facility of WordPress’s visual editor … while not even realizing it.
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I stumbled on the handy (though cumbersomely named) “Show/Hide room Sink” button in my terribly period of time of blogging.
In the six years since then, I’ve completed that this can be continually off by neglect new blogs … and plenty of bloggers don’t even realize it exists.
No plan what that button is or what it does?
Here’s what you wish to do:

1. Login to your blog’s dashboard.

2. Open up a post or page to edit (or produce a replacement draft).

3. look into the highest of the most posting box. You’ll see a row of icons like this:
. Click on the button that I’ve indicated with the red sq..

Tada! You currently have a second row of written material icons, together with some I’d be lost without:

    The “Paragraph” drop, that helps you to choose Heading formats (“paragraph” is default, traditional text).
    The “text color” button – this can be the A with a line beneath.
    The Character map for special characters – this can be the Omega.
    The “undo” and “redo” buttons – the semicircular arrows.
To see what a button will, simply hold your indicator over it and a brief rationalization can pop. (This will tell you the button’s keyboard route.)

So, did you recognize concerning Show/Hide sink, or is that this the primary time you’ve seen that second of buttons?
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