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freelancer exams us english -level 1 qusetion to answer 2014.

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US English level 1 test answer
Us English -level 1 exams question to answer 100% correct get here. Every freelancer have to take this skill test. New users are first time worrid because they have not know the correct answer. As a result they must be failed. We are giving solution here. Now read and build your skill taking Us English - level 1 exam.
David would rather quit _____ get failed
Answer : than
They were _____ tall for the doorway.
Answer : too

Our team won ______ game.
Answer : every
Make a left _____ at the light
Answer : turn
_________ was nothing to do at the party.
Answer : There
May I sit _____ you at the theater?

Answer : beside
If you try ____ you will succeed.
Answer : hard
James _____ off the roof.
Answer : fell
Sticks and stones may break ____ bones.
Answer : my
A valley is a low ____ area.
Answer : laying
Buckingham ____ is a popular tourist attraction
Answer : Palace 
That price is for ___ apple, not per pound.
Answer : each
You ___ have six cookies.
Answer : may
I try __ be friendly to my neighbors.
Answer : to
Cecil took the long way _____ the house.Answer : around
We can't _____ go back there again.Answer : ever
Now that _____ arrived, let's get started!Answer : we've
____I give an order, you should follow it!Answer : If
The wind was high ________ the storm.Answer : because of
That was a ______ stop!Answer : quick
You should only take this drug if ____ prescribed by a doctor.
Answer : it's
We let the frog go, _____ caught it again.Answer : then

Bob kept working, but didn't enjoy ______Answer : himself
The river is ______ here than I remember.Answer : wider
Nineteen is an ____ number.Answer : odd
At the edge of the trail there was a _____ cliff.Answer : sheer
Most wines are made _____ grapes.Answer : from
You got yourself ____ this mess; get yourself out.Answer : into
October can be very _____ here.Answer:cold
Summer is my favorite season of ____ year.Answer : the
We will ________ you to the house.Answer : follow
The baby ________ because it was hungry.Answer : cried
It _____ matter if we stay another day.Answer : won't
Please tell your mother ____ sorry.Answer : I'm
We'll be back ______ you know it!Answer : before
This isn't that hard _____ my son did it yesterday.
Answer : ; (semicolon)
Would you like more soup __Answer : ?
I like fishing_______ hunting, and playing football.Answer : , (comma)I've asked you this question many times ______Answer : . (period
A statement should end with a ______.Answer: period.

reading above those question to answer anybody give exam freelancer Us English- level-1 exams. It is very easy .

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