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These days you'll be able to notice all styles of things on-line, from audio books to flash files, from sound effects to CSS templates. Below we have a tendency to compiled an inventory with over a hundred transfer sites that serve that purpose.

We will additionally try and keep the list updated, thus if your favorite transfer web site isn't here, allow us to realize it with a comment.
Audio Books

Librivox: one in every of the foremost standard audio libraries on the online. The LibriVox volunteers record books that square measure within the property right and unharness them at no cost.

Podiobooks: the same as podcast, Podiobooks square measure serialized audiobooks that square measure distributed through RSS feeds. you'll be able to receive book episodes or transfer directly from the location.

Oculture (Audio & Podcast):  Offers an expensive array of academic and cultural media. the location editor scours through the online to search out the most effective cultural and academic media accessible.

Learn Out Loud: A one-stop destination for video and audio learning resources. you'll be able to flick through over fifteen,000 academic audio books MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos. the location additionally contains numerous free resources.

The Pirate Bay: The web’s largest assortment of bit torrent trackers. The Pirate Bay banks on its member file sharers to cull the web’s torrent files and create these accessible to users. : What started as an alternate to the currently defunct star that went offline in 2004, Mininova has become the most important torrent computer programme and directory on the online. the location provides easy-to-use directory and seek for every type of torrent files.

Torrent Portal : This P2P and file sharing web site works like Google by linking solely to .torrent metafiles and captures the caches of these files. It doesn't store files nor transfer knowledge that square measure content coupled to by .torrent files.

Now Torrents: the location scans torrent websites on the web to supply the most effective results to users. currently Torrents provides a sophisticated period computer programme for bit-torrents whereas at an equivalent police work and removing faux or dead torrent sites.

Torrentz: This Sweden-based torrent meta-search engine additionally indexes numerous major torrents sites together with Mininova, The Pirate Bay and Demonoid. It provides numerous hunters per torrent that may work once another tracker isn't operating.
Books and Documents

Scribd: A virtual place wherever you'll be able to publish, discover, discuss, and share original writings and document. With fifty million distinctive page views per month, Scribd could be a great spot to be told new things.

Sheet Music Archive: The web’s most well liked music computer. the location contains quite twenty two,000 serious music items and quite a hundred,000 sheet of music. It offers many free music downloads and a lot of for subscriptions.

Computer the location offers top quality pc connected books at no cost transfer. These pc books square measure all lawfully distributed and their authors have granted permissions for the location to distribute their works.

Docstoc: this is often your final resource at no cost legal and business documents. Docstoc doesn't solely permit you to transfer documents at no cost however it additionally helps you to transfer and share your own documents.

Tech Books at no cost Download: If you’re searching for free books on Java, Perl/Phyton or alternative programming connected books, this web site can be of facilitate. It offers books covering technology subjects at no cost transfer.

Project Gutenberg: the foremost comprehensive repository of ebooks on the online. Project Gutenberg was engineered by volunteers and currently homes quite twenty seven,000 titles of ebooks in its catalog.

Free eMagazine transfer – covers a comprehensive assortment of free emagazines at no cost transfer.

KnowFree: the location offers a virtual place to exchange ebooks freely., video coaching, and alternative academic materials . recognize Free options a really nice computer programme that permits users to go looking for a specific materias quick.

Spotbit:  Providing a paperless answer to business and for merchandising e-books, Spotbit makes e-book accessible in a very completely different digital format than what's accessible on the online of late. Spotbit offers a straightforward Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology for E-books format.

Ebookshare: Provides link to either Associate in Nursing e-books torrent files or direct transfer to the file itself.  E-books square measure classified into broader subject and also the web site includes a nice computer programme to help you find the e-book you would like.

Ebookee: A free book computer programme. Ebookee helps you find e-book titles that you simply square measure significantly searching for.  The E-books listed on the location square measure organized generally subject classes.

Wowio: the location helps you to access lawfully accessible high-quality e-books. Wowio helps you to scan complete books on-line at no cost. If you would like to transfer the PDF versions, Wowio charges a stripped-down fee.

Internet Archive – With the aim of building an online Library, this web site options texts, audio, moving pictures, and software package yet as archived sites in its  collections.

Open computer graphics Library: the location is Associate in Nursing in progress project to make Associate in Nursing archive of user contributed info of computer graphics that may used freely. Open computer graphics Library upholds the inventive Commons and encourages users to participate in generating contents.

WP Clipart: Offers quite 29000 property right computer graphics pictures that were designed specifically to be used with Word Processors. WP Clipart provides thousands of color graphic clips, illustrations, pictures and black and reference point art in lossless, PNG format.

Clker: the location offers royalty free computer graphics in SVG, ODG and PNG format that square measure publicly domain. It helps you to simply implant these pictures in openoffice documents. The web’s largest assortment of royalty-free clipart, vinyl-ready pictures, photos, internet graphics, fonts, illustrations, and sounds. Clipart offers paid subscription to its info containing ten million+ professional-quality pictures in numerous formats together with .EPS, .JPG, .PNG, and .WMF.
Download Hubs

Softpedia: the location contains quite five hundred,000 sofware programs Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac, Mobile Phones, Games and Drivers. a number of software package programs in Softpedia square measure software system whereas some square measure software package. Cnet’s most comprehensive library of software system offers free transfer. contains loads of Windows software package starting from security software package, digital photograph software package, academic software package and a lot of.

Open supply Mac:  A handy reference and helpful tools that encourages users to utilize free and ASCII text file software package..  Open supply raincoat offers a straightforward list of the most effective and free software package for the raincoat OS X.

Free Downloads Center: Hosts a set of free software package, games and alternative desktop goodies that you'll be able to transfer at no cost. Free Downloads Center additionally offers a reveal of the Day authorized  software package that you'll be able to transfer throughout the day solely.

Tucows: The web’s original software package transfer web site. Tucows contains quite forty,000 software package titles that square measure software system or software package.

Phazeddl: Hosts transfer warez, games, torrents, movies, software, apps, scripts, TV shows, ebooks, templates yet as key-gen of crack softwares.

A+Freeware: the location offers selection applications or “A+Freeware” that become helpful only if combined with a legitimate package. A+Freeware helps you to get copies of software package at no cost.

Best software system Download: A free wares web site that permits you to register and save links on the site’s member account areas. Best software system transfer is classified into communication desktop and games. Gamers would positively wish to envision this web site from time to time to envision on new freewares to be intercalary.

Free Ware Box: the location offers classified outline of software system software package. software system Box contains open supply software package, property right and alternative varieties of free software package, all accessible at no cost transfer.

Freeware Zoom:  This web site offers software system at no cost transfer. software system Zoom is updated daily and it contains no adware or spyware.

File Hippo: the location has hefty range of software system, demo and software package programs that square measure of top quality. File Hippo puts a premium on quality software package instead of amount. thence the location offers solely the most effective software package.

Windows transfers:’s Windows-only software package transfer web site offers softwre that were tested to be 100% freed from malware.

Major Geeks: Offers solely the intense software package meant for the intense geeks. It hosts the foremost comprehensive assortment of pc utilities accessible on the online.

Brothersoft: the location offers quite a hundred,000 software package at no cost transfer. Brothersoft doesn't solely provide free software package transfer however additionally completely assess all the software package submitted to them.
Flash Files

Ffiles: The web’s richest repository of free Flash Files. Ffiles contains Flash files that you'll be able to transfer freely. It additionally permits you to transfer your own Flash files that you simply wish to share with alternative users.

Flash Kit:  If you’re a flash developer, Flash Kit is that the web site for you. It’s the last word on-line resource for Macromedia Flash development.

Flash Den: This web site contains everything that you simply want for your Adobe lash project. you'll be able to obtain preloaders, templates and alternative stuff you have to be compelled to end your project. And most of those Flash parts sell for as low as $1.

Dafont: If you’re searching for some cool fonts to use for no matter functions, you'll most likely obtain one or 2 font vogue at this web site. Dafont offers freely downloadable fonts. you'll be able to browse fonts by author, by vogue or by quality.

1001 Free Fonts: This web site includes a massive assortment of TrueType fonts that square measure either software system or software package. 1001 Free Fonts offers free fonts for each Windows and raincoat platforms.

Download Free Fonts: A merely designed on-line resource for thousands of free fonts. transfer Free Fonts contains free fonts for Windows and raincoat. you'll be able to use the site’s search box to search out the font you're specifically searching for or flick through the font classes.

Show Font: the location helps you to transfer fonts at no cost. Show Font contains TrueType fonts for each laptop and raincoat. It additionally provides font editor and font management tools.

FontStruct: other than giving freely downloadable fonts, Fonstruct additionally includes a font editor and font management applications accessible on-line. FontStruct helps you to build fonts, share it with others and transfer fonts created by others yet.

Liberated Games: this is often a straightforward listing web site giving free downloads of lawfully accessible games. It’s a unlimited listing of those completely different games together with their transfer links.

NDS-ROMS: this is often a heaven sent web site for NDS gamers. NDS-ROMs provide free downloads of publically accessible ROMs.

Iwin:  The Internet’s largest choice of free game downloads. you'll be able to like better to play games within the standard classes.

Donwload Full Version laptop Games: this is often a journal web site containing a hundred best legal, free, and full version of games. the location covers free action games, free action games and third person games.

Abandonia:  If you’re up for a few smart recent DOS-based diversion expertise, Abandonia could have those games. Abandonia offers DOS games that are abandoned for thus long.

Best of Games: the location offers numerous recent games and definitely has several of them on the location. better of all, better of games offers these games at no cost transfer.

Free Games – a hunt engine at no cost games that may be contend on-line or downloaded to your machine. It additionally covers cheat codes.

ZML: one in every of the Internet’s most helpful transfer service. ZML offers update subscriptions and helps you to ascertain concerning current movies by subscribing  to ZML.

Free Documentaries: provide free Streaming freelance Documentary Films, atmosphere Documentary, Israel, Palestine, War, St. George Bush, Afghanistan, Iraq, 9/11, globalisation, Media,  and more.

Moving Image Archive: A comprehensive library of  free movies, films, and videos uploaded by the location users.  Moving pictures embrace full-length films, news broadcasts, cartoons and concerts. Not all of the videos square measure absolve to transfer tho'.

eMusic: The world’s biggest on-line merchandiser of freelance music and audio books. eMusic holds quite forty,000 freelance labels and nearly five,000 titles of audio books from prime publishers.

Jazz on Line:  The web’s most comprehensive on-line resources of digitalized Jazz music. Jazz on Line hosts solely songs that square measure publicly domain.

Jimmyr: a hunt engine for mp3 music and alternative digital files. Jimmyr crawls through the varied mp3 resources accessible on the online victimization Google Custom computer programme.

Music Download: the last word supply for lawfully accessible and freely downloadable digital music on the web. It’s from, thus {you square measure|you're} pretty positive that the majority of the files are safe to transfer.

beeMP3: A music computer programme helpful for locating mp3-audio files accessible on the online. BeeMP3 presently indexes around 800,000 mp3 files.

Download Any Stuff: A digital file computer programme that gives transfer links to free stuff over the web. transfer Any Stuff helps you to seek for MP3 files, softwares, drivers, games, movies, ebooks, even Torrents and a lot of.

Skreemr: Another music computer programme that you simply will use to find audio files accessible on the online. Skreemr presently indexes and crawls quite half dozen million mp3 files from a hundred,000 websites.

iLike: A social music discover web site that enables you not solely to get music playlists accessible on the online however additionally to share your own playlists to the globe. iLike additionally links to iTunes and Amazon music stores.

eMP3 World: A free mp3 transfer web site. eMP3 World presently holds around eighty five,000 mp3 transfer links on its info.

Jamendo/: a web community of free, legal and unlimited digital music content. Jamendo offers solely those music that are authorized  underneath inventive Commons. {the web site|the location|the positioning} helps you to share your own music and make your own gismo playlists that you'll be able to implant to your site or social networking profiles.
Online Video

Vixy:An on-line video convertor that you simply will use to convert a Flash video / FLV file or YouTube videos to MPEG4 format. Vixy uses a compressed domain transcoder technology. you'll be able to enter a YouTube link to own it reborn into MPEG4 on-line.

Keepvid: the location helps you to transfer streaming videos from YouTube, Putfile, Metacafe and alternative video streaming sites. once downloading you wish to convert it into another format betting on what media player you're victimization. otherwise you will use FLV’s own media player instead.

Javimoya: Another smart video downloader web site. Javimoya supports several video streaming sites together with YouTube, Metacafe, MySpace Music, and more.
VideoDownloadx: the location permits you to transfer videos from YouTube and save these videos to your laptop. you furthermore mght have to be compelled to transfer Associate in Nursing FLV player to look at the videos from your native disc drive or convert the file into alternative formats that may be scan by your media player software package.

Download YouTube Videos as mp4 Files: This journal post provides an in depth instruction on a way to transfer videos directly from YouTube in mp4 format. No have to be compelled to use a third-party web site to scrape the video removed from YouTube.

Kiss YouTube: Offers a simple and straightforward manner of downloading and saving YouTube video on to your pc. you'll be able to enter the address of the video on the Kiss You Tube web site, or add the word “kiss” on the address of the YouTube video to transfer the file. Either way, you'll still transfer the file from the Kiss You Tube web site itself.

Download YouTube Videos: This web site helps you to transfer YouTube videos quicker and easier. you simply inheritable  to enter the YouTube address of the videos that you simply wish to transfer

keepHD - helps you to transfer HD videos off Youtube. It additionally lets transfer the mobile 3GP version for your mobile devices and the quality MP4 and FLV format.
Photoshop and style

Deviant Art Photoshop Brushes: a set of artsy paintshop brushes employed by Deviant Art members. you'll be able to transfer the paint brushes or share it to others.

Adobe Market Place and Exchange: Adobe’s on-line resource containing tools, services, and innovations regarding Adobe’s numerous merchandise. the location additionally allow you to discover Adobe AIR runtime applications.

Pixel Chick: Offers each free and paid Photoshop brushes that square measure compatible with CS2 and CS3.

Vecteezy: is Associate in Nursing index of free vector graphics that square measure accessible for transfer from the online. Vecteezy’s vector graphics were created by illustrious designers.

Busheezy: a large assortment of free Photoshop brushes and patterns. Busheezy is updated daily and additionally accepts submission of Photoshop brushes from on-line users.

Vector four Free: A free vector graphics web site for Adobe artist AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, and Corel Draw CDR. All the vector graphics square measure free for private and industrial use.

Get Brushes: A directory of brushes in person handpicked by the location homeowners. Get Brushes contains numerous brushes together with over abstract and text, gothic, low pills and a lot of.

Q Vectors: the location offers free high-quality vector pictures and graphics. letter of the alphabet Vector additionally accepts user submissions.

Archive 3D: Host quite seventeen,000 3D graphics model. Archive 3D models ranges from Beds,Shkaps, Chairs,Tables,Sofa, sanitary  Ware, Decoration, NVAC, Tools, and more.

Vectormix – This web site includes a smart assortment of vector graphics submitted by users and arre absolve to transfer.
Sound Effects

Soundsnap: A library of quite a hundred, 000 high-quality effect and music loops. Soundsnap offers five free downloads per month, once that you wish to pay a professional membership to transfer a lot of files.

FindSounds: A helpful sound and sound effects computer programme. FindSounds offers sound directory, keyword search and sonic similarity search functions.

Partners in Rhyme: the location offers royalty free music featured in Films, TV, Video and Websites. Partners in Rhyme additionally offers free music loops, midi files and audio software package.

Stone Washed: a web resource at no cost sound effects, loops, button sounds and alternative multimedia system files. Stone Washed offers numerous classes together with sound effects, animal sounds, buy up music and a lot of.
Stock Photos

Stock.Xchng: one in every of the web’s leading stock photography web site. Stock.xchng offers a full gallery of high-quality stock photos accessible at no cost transfer or for sharing on blogs, social networks and alternative sites.

Free Digital Photos: Contains thousands of royalty free photos accessible for transfer and might be used for industrial or non-commercial functions. Free Digial Photos doesn't need registration to transfer stock photos from their web site.

Morgue File: the location provides high-resolution stock photography pictures at no cost in spite of whether or not the photos are going to be used for company or non-public use. building File is that the place to stay post production materials.

123RF – the location offers a daily dose of free high-quality pictures other than the paid stock pictures that it sells.
System utilities

Open Drivers: A free driver transfer service. Open Drivers is classified by device class and driver manufacturer. It additionally includes piecemeal method to put in and uninstall the drivers.

DLL Files: a really helpful web site for users UN agency keeps on obtaining the missing DLL prompt from the machine. DLL Files contains a comprehensive databased of dll-files that you simply may presumably want.

Download 3K: a large archive of free and free-to-try software package programs and games for Windows. transfer 3K is categorise into fifteen main classes and also the web site is updated with around three hundred software package everyday.

Free Codecs: the last word resource for every type of codecs accessible on-line. Free Codecs offers video codecs, audio codecs, codec packs, codec tools and a lot of.

Open Office: Home of the free ASCII text file workplace software package suite. Open workplace contains data processing, spreadsheets, database, shows, graphics, and more.
Web Design

Open supply internet Design: a set of internet styles submitted by the community members. Open supply internet style offers free internet style for transfer that may be used for private blogs to a full-featured content management systems for businesses.

Free CSS Templates:The web site offers standards compliant CSS templates at no cost. Users square measure absolve to use the templates for private or business functions.

Template World: Offers fine quality, inventive and distinctive computer templates created by certified internet professionals.

Iconspedia: the location offers free icons transfer. Iconspedia square measure organized in numerous classes together with animals, food and phones.
Downloads v
Free Icons Web: the location contains 15000 top quality icons at no cost downloads. Free Icons internet contains icons for Windows XP, Vista, Macintosh, and Linux. Icons square measure for private use solely. industrial users need to pay a definite quantity of royalty.

1000+ Classic Icons at no cost Download: most likely the most effective assortment of free icons accessible on-line. Icons square measure in png, icns, ico-formats yet as .EPS vector files.

Spotbit: the location permits you to publish and sell e-books employing a quick, simple and free technique. Spotbit helps you to produce your e-books and printed it on Spotbit.

Smashing Magazine’s forty skilled Icon Sets at no cost Download: an inventory of forty high-quality skilled icons for desktops and internet style that square measure all free for transfer. The icons may be used for personal and industrial functions.

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